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August 26, 2020
Taking care of your skin

Taking care of your skin

At some point in our lives, we all experience some form of skin problems or irritations. Some experience these problems early on and throughout their teen […]
August 6, 2020
What’s Hot now (Woman’s Month)

What’s Hot now (Woman’s Month)

Woman’s Month. Introduction: Woman’s Month. South Africa commemorates Women’s Month in August as a tribute to the more than 20 000 brave women who marched to […]
July 3, 2020
1 featured imageSPAfor him2

Just for Him

Introduction: noticeable stress noticeable stress. When men think of spa’s, all that comes to mind is a bright pink room with scented candles and Enya in […]
May 27, 2020
Hot stone featured image

The Benefits of Hot stone massages

Natural Living Spa Treatment, polokwane hot stone massage The Benefits of Hot stone massages. polokwane hot stone massage polokwane hot stone massage. If 2020’s got you feeling […]
April 23, 2020
Why should you get a professional make-up artist for your special day

Why should you get a professional make-up artist for your special day

Natural Living Spa Make-Up. Wedding Stress Why should you get a professional make-up artist for your special day? Wedding Stress. Are you planning on tying the knot […]
March 26, 2020
New Spa treatments for 2020 banner image

New Spa treatments for 2020

Natural Living Spa captures the essence of Limpopo’s lush gardens and greenery. Our spa is bushveld inspired that offers luxurious, tailored to perfection treatments. We are […]
March 12, 2020
Amazing Autumn Spa Treatments

Amazing Autumn Spa Treatments

Natural Living Spa Treatment Amazing Autumn Spa Treatments Cooler weather is heading our way, and we are heading for a time of change and preservation. Nature is […]
September 5, 2018

Male Grooming Wonders

Male Grooming Wonders Breaking The Cycle of Stigma Male Grooming Wonders. Many spas have a variety of male grooming treatments and products on offer. This is because […]
August 13, 2018
Getting a Facial

Getting a Facial

Natural Living Facials Why Do People Go For Facials? People go to the spa for a facial for different reasons. For some people, it forms an effective […]
August 7, 2018
Swedish Massages

Swedish Massages

Swedish Massages What is a Swedish Massage? The Swedish massage is the most common Western massage and forms the foundation for the sports massage, deep tissue massage, and aromatherapy massage, amongst others. It is […]
July 5, 2018

Wrap Me Up

Wrap Me Up What is a body wrap? The body wrap is a treatment that was created for its variety of benefits. Certain wraps will leave your […]
June 1, 2018

Warm Up this Winter

Warm Up this Winter What are the Origins of Hot Stone Massage? Warm Up this Winter. Historically, stone therapy is seen in many cultures around the world. […]