Spray Tan Methods - | Polokwane's most visited Spa

The Methods

In a salon setting, you can either do the spray tanning booth or airbrush. With the booth, you step inside and stand with your arms in the air. Nozzles are positioned so that your body will be evenly covered with spray from all angles.

This method is super simple and takes a matter of minutes. When using an airbrush, tanning product is applied by hand. Of course, this method runs longer than the booth.

What Can Go Wrong?

Here’s our list of spray tan fails to avoid:

Streaks happen when too much product is applied, or when you don’t achieve an even rinse in the shower after a fresh spray.

If you shave too soon before a spray tan, the product tends to settle into the open pores. This results in a spotty appearance.

Voids occur when a body part or object blocks the spray from reaching certain areas of the skin.

The Bright Side of Spray Tans


The benefits of spray tanning are plentiful. As we mentioned before, it’s a lot safer than lying in natural sun for hours. What’s more, it achieves that sun-kissed glow in just minutes. This makes it by far the easiest method for achieving an artificial tan.

When it comes to the product itself, spray tans are specially formulated to dry quickly and create less mess. But by far the greatest benefit to a spray tan is the level of control you have over the results. And of course, honourable mention has to go to the boost in confidence you get stepping into the season with a glowing tan.