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The Benefits of a Prenatal Massage

Getting a prenatal massage does so much more than relax the mom-to-be. Health benefits – physical and psychological – extend to both mom and baby to ensure not only a healthy pregnancy, but a positive birthing experience as well.

Some of the benefits of pregnancy massage include:

Reduces stress hormones and anxiety

Increases blood flow

Flushes out toxins

Balances connection between body and mind

Improved heart health

Relieves joint and muscle pain

Helps insomnia

Reduces swelling in hands and feet

Eases headaches

Helps with symptoms of depression

Improves labor

Improves health of newborn baby

Studies have found that expectant moms who had regular prenatal massages greatly reduced their risk of postnatal depression, and also prepared their bodies to better handle the stress of labor itself. By taking care of your body and mind during pregnancy, you can look forward to a positive birth experience, as well as a deeper connection with your bouncing bundle of joy.