Microblading - Natural Living Spa and Wellness Center


Microblading is a type of semi-permanent tattoo where tiny needles are used to insert hair-like pigments under your skin.

Colours are mixed so that they not only match your brows, but also leave them looking naturally shaded. And if you’re concerned about the pain, don’t be. The needles are so small that it feels much the same as when you have your eyebrows threaded.

So whether you’re looking to perfect your arches, fill out thinning areas, or just have really faint eyebrow action – microblading helps you achieve all your brow goals. You can have the brows of your dreams within an hour, and to make sure you get the best out of your experience it’s advised to keep them dry (even from sweat) for one week.

This helps the pigment settle and prevents the build-up of bacteria. After-care is really important to ensure your brows stay healthy and look their best. The effect lasts for one to three years, with a touch-up only necessary after 12 months!