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Top 5 pre-festive holiday treatments

Don’t forget about the pre-holiday spa treatment when you’re getting ready for the holiday. Here’s our guide to the top five pre-holiday treatments you should try:

1. Grooming

You feel more confident when you look good, so taking care of your appearance is important. Cleaning and maintaining your body and personal hygiene are two benefits of grooming spa treatments.

2. Manicures & Pedicures

When you spend all day at the beach, in the ocean, or wearing flip-flops and sandals, a manicure and pedicure are just what you need to look great. Having hands and feet treatments will also reduce your anxiety and stress, and your hands and feet will look healthy and gorgeous for the holidays.

3. Facials

There are many reasons why people choose to have facials. For some, exfoliation is a means of eliminating blackheads; for others, it is a means of maintaining a youthful appearance. Some people use it as a means of anti-ageing, while others simply find it relaxing and rejuvenating.

4. Nail treatments

Who doesn’t love having attractive hands, let alone gorgeous nails? Pampering yourself with a nail treatment is the way to go for the festive season; it gives you time to relax and admire the work of your nails. You get to choose the colour you prefer for your holiday spirit.

5. Massages

Massage treatments aim to provide relaxation and relieve built-up tension, stiffness, and aches in the muscles or joints. This is done by the therapist, who kneads the body and applies light pressure to the troubled areas. A massage treatment will make you feel relaxed and soothed for the Christmas holiday.

In addition to these five pre-holiday treatments, Natural Living Spa offers various treatments to help you prepare for the festive season.

DNA Ultra Hydration Express Treatment (45 min)

An ultra-hydrating facial can be done during lunchtime. The leave-on mask provides intense hydration, and cell renewal is stimulated by the combined treatment, giving your skin a youthful appearance. Having plans after a long day at work and not having time to make yourself look good can be handled with this quick facial.

Professional Makeup | Day/Night (45min)

The main purpose of makeup is to ensure your complexion remains flawless and natural when you go out. To look fresh and subtle, your makeup should enhance natural features and conceal blemishes. Our perfect makeup looks will leave you looking stunning and will give you the confidence and festive spirit to take on the holiday season.

Back, Chest, and Stomach Wax for him (60min)

Men with a lot of hair can benefit from this grooming treatment. When compared to shaving, regular waxing helps those hairs grow back thinner and slower. Your skin will be smoother than ever after this grooming session with us. You will be able to flex those muscles during the holiday season.

Full-Leg Wax for him (40min)

For men who dislike having hairy legs, this grooming treatment is for you. With a Full Leg Wax, we remove all the hair along your leg from the top of your foot to your thigh. In addition to offering a smooth finish, hair regrowth is much slower than when shaved since it’s removed at the root. Clean and smooth legs will make you ready to take on the holiday.

Brazilian Wax (45min)

This grooming session is for ladies who love to tan or dip in the pool during the festive holidays. It is the most popular option among women, where hair is removed from the top and sides of your bikini line. Having this groom done before the holidays will allow you to flaunt your new swimwear with a holiday spirit.

Brow Tint & Shape (15min)

Creating the perfect brow requires a brow tint and brow shape. This service is included in our brow shaping package. With brow shaping and tinting, you will enhance the appearance of your eyes. Adding this grooming treatment allows you to confidently walk through this holiday and show off your natural beauty.

Deluxe Pedicure for him (60min)

If you’re a man who enjoys walking barefoot, you’d want your feet and nails to look their finest for the festive season. Experience our top-of-the-line foot and nail treatment, starting with a soothing foot soak followed by cuticle care. In the next step, we will trim and shape your nails before buffing them to a smooth finish. Your feet will look healthy and handsome for the holidays after this grooming session.

Gel it Manicure (75min)

This grooming treatment is perfect for ladies who enjoy having their hands and nails pampered. Natural oils and plant extracts are used in our signature manicure, leaving your hands feeling smooth and soft like a baby’s bum. During the treatment, the hands are exfoliated, along with a soothing massage.

We then shape your nails to perfection, treat your cuticles, and polish and shine your nails. After your pampering session, you will surely have beautiful hands and nails for the festive holidays.

October_2022_Professional Makeup _ Day_Night (45min)_4

Looking after yourself and spoiling yourself before the holidays begin is important. This is because it allows you to relax before the busy schedules of the season begin. On another note, who doesn’t want to look for the holidays? Going for a pre-holiday treatment will help you to feel good and confident for the holiday.

At Natural Living Spa, we offer top-line treatments that are perfect for pre-holiday or even during the holiday season. However, as we know, the holidays are the busiest time of year, and it’s the season when we get fully booked, so if you want a spa treatment with us, book with us now.