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Specialised facials

Team Dr Joseph Cellular recreation

This deeply relaxing facial is uniquely tailored to the nutritional requirements of your skin. We start off by pampering your skin with a stimulating massage which includes herbal compresses, peeling, and deep cleansing with cupping glasses. Followed by a specially formulated serum and a facial mask. You will emerge with well-nourished skin.

Luxurious Ultrasound Lifting Program

Our ultrasound lifting treatment is considered the La Crème de la crème of the ultrasound lifting! This premium intensive treatment uses an entirely different process to make a face look plumper, fresher, tighter and younger. The active ingredients will reach their full potential during this treatment, and the deep skin layers will tighten to a maximum.

Team Dr Joseph Advanced bio-lifting facial

The bio-energetic lifting massage was produced to meet the specific needs of various skin types. The treatment includes a deep cleansing with cupping glasses, followed by an intensive facial mask and, of course, the bio-energetic lifting massage, amongst other techniques. You will notice immediate results after the treatment, and you will be pleasantly relaxed.

Taking care of your skin is a must, and we hope you learnt some valuable tips from this blog post. Depending on your skin type, you should be getting a facial at least once a month to prevent signs of ageing. People with oily skin should look into getting at least two facials a month as part of their skin routine. Luckily at Natural Living Spa, we’ve got facial treatments for any budget, so looking after your facial skin has never been so easy.

Our team offers excellent treatments with cutting edge technology and expertise to help you look after your skin. You will leave looking healthier and younger, but you will also feel relaxed with your energy restored. Book your spa treatment today and spoil yourself to a relaxing day at Polokwane’s leading day spa.