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Signature spa treatments at Natural Living Spa

Enjoy some time to relax and enjoy a rejuvenating experience while selecting your preferred signature treatment.

Spa Massage Package (120min)

A spa massage is perfect for those struggling with muscle pains and aches. The entire treatment includes a wonderful back and neck, décolletage and shoulders head massage with a soothing leg and foot massage. Following the massages, you will receive an uplifting facial that cleans and nourishes your skin.

This treatment helps with reducing stress and muscle pain and boosts circulation, which leaves you feeling relaxed with renewed energy.

Heavenly Body Cocoon (120min)

This is the treatment for those looking for a way to properly unwind. The heavenly body cocoon includes a full body exfoliation using salt and oil with a warm blend of nourishing butter. Following this, you receive a relaxing foot massage, full body massage, and a warm, rejuvenating shower. The treatment will refresh you with moisturised and hydrated healthy skin and make you feel completely relaxed.

Couples Packages per couple (120min)

If you are looking for a way to spoil a loved one and seeking some time to bond, the couple’s package per couple is the perfect treatment for you. The treatment includes a lovely hydrobath followed by a 30-minute full-body massage. Upon completing your massage, a massage therapist will give a signature Team Dr Joseph facial with a soothing pedicure.

At the same time, you enjoy a delicious light lunch, severed with cold beverages. Being surrounded by a calm environment will make you and your plus one feel refreshed and relaxed. Feel the stress melt away whilst having quality time with your loved one.

The Ultimate Pamper (150min)

This is a great treatment if you are stressed or struggle with dry skin. The ultimate pamper treatment includes a full body exfoliation using a purifying scrub with salt and oils that moisturises the skin. After exfoliation, you will receive a relaxing cocoon treatment followed by a wonderful foot and full body massage that further enhances your relaxation.

Additionally, you receive a free facial massage, and you can enjoy a delicious light lunch before you end the day. Our nourishing ultimate pamper treatment focuses on reducing stress and enhancing the health of your skin for a radiant complexion.

Full Body Cocoon Treatment – Chocolate (60min)

This treatment is right for you if you are a lover of chocolate, glowing skin and spa treatments. Our full-body cocoon treatment starts with a lovely full-body exfoliation. Followed by a relaxing foot massage whilst wrapped with a warm body treatment that indulges in pure relaxation and a lovely warm shower after the treatment is complete.

This treatment nourishes and softens the skin; it is also known for its anti-ageing treatment that satisfies the skin’s hunger for hydration. Your skin will be left glowing and nourished, creating a sense of well-being and stimulating positive emotions.

Full Body Cocoon Treatment – Chili (60min)

Embark on a journey of indulgence with an exfoliating full body treatment and enticing foot massage while cocooned in a chili wrap. It is also remarkably effective at treating cellulite, toning and firming body skin and muscles, and aiding in weight loss. When your treatment is complete you get to enjoy a relaxing warm shower.

You will feel refreshed, boosted in confidence, and relaxed after having this treatment.

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As mentioned above, spa treatments benefit physical and mental health. In particular, spa treatments can help reduce stress and anxiety and induce relaxation and calmness. Additionally, they are great at regulating better sleep and physical health, such as a boost in blood circulation and improving the lymphatic system that releases toxins in the body. It also helps reduce muscle aches and pains and improves your skin’s health.

At Natural Living spa and Wellness Centre, in Polokwane, we have a wide range of signature treatments tailored to your needs. Each of our treatments focuses on delivering the best experience possible. Our staff is professionally trained in many areas to keep them at their best to look well after you.

Our top-tier spa makes you our number one priority, and when you visit our spa, you can book an appointment to enjoy top-quality service and pampering. You can choose your preferred treatment and book online too. Additionally, we also offer group bookings.

To book online, you can visit our website and choose which treatment you desire to purchase. Followed by this, you will find a space where you fill in your details to receive a confirmation email with your voucher and receipt. After booking, our receptionist will phone you to confirm the time and date of your treatment.

Polokwane’s leading day spa is keen on showing you the benefits of signature treatments. To give you pure indulgence, we invite you to come and visit us.