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Tanning Tips

Always scrub your entire body before a spray tan.
This will avoid splotches and improve even absorption.

Get rid of all body hair before the time.
Tanning product tends to build up around follicles, causing an uneven finish.

No moisturizer/make-up:
Don’t wear anything that will create a barrier on your skin.
The tan won’t absorb and might even cause streaks as a result.

Remove accessories:
To prevent the void from happening as mentioned previously,
remove all objects that could block the spray.

Coat nails:
By giving your nails a clear coat of polish you’ll save them from being stained by the tanning product.
The residue can then simply be wiped off after.

Loose clothing:
You want to avoid tight clothes while your tan is still developing.
This is because tight items of clothing can cause discolouration on your skin.

A simple product that saves dark streaks and splotches.
Apply to areas like lips, elbows, palms, and knees before spray tanning.

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