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Why go to a Spa?

Well It’s a great way to relieve stress, allowing you to stay on top of your game.

We don’t always realise how noticeable stress can be in the way we look and act. Sometimes you can see stress in someone’s face, or tension in their shoulders and you know they aren’t necessarily taking care of themselves.

This isn’t good for business or professional relationships and whether you’re a sports guy or a businessman, you’ll probably know how important it is to make a good impression in a professional environment.

The entire male spa experience is built around stress relief. From facials to deep-tissue massages – no matter what you choose, your professional technician will ensure that the process is relaxing and revitalizing.

You can expect a thorough assessment by a trained professional, warm towels on your face, gentle steam to open up the pores in your face and strong, skilled hands working out all those knots in your back. No Celine Dion, just a tranquil relaxing environment.

Suggested Male Treatments

Full Body – Sport Massage

Feeling that pressure in your shoulders? Active people involved in recreational sports tend to build up immense amounts of pressure in their body. That is why normal massage simply won’t be good enough. This massage ensures that your body muscles are healthy and functioning and also address strains and pains as a result of sport.

Our Sports Massage is specifically designed to incorporate techniques that allow for the deeper stimulation required for healthy athletic ability. With this kind of vigorous, deep muscle stimulation we are able to properly align muscle fibers to optimize the way in which they use nutrients and oxygen. This pummeling of the body results in less lactic acid build up (lactic acid causes cramping), improved circulation, and better muscle tone.

Not only is it extremely beneficial, it’s fast. We offer three separate Sport massage sessions. A 45min, a 60min and for those brave enough a 90min session. You can book yours now by clicking here.

In and Out – Treatments under an hour

If you haven’t got much time, but still want to treat yourself then we’ve got what you need. Our 30min super relaxing Back, Neck & Shoulder Aroma Therapy Massage will definitely help you release some of that much needed stresses. Life often weighs us down with a lot of things and it does take its toll and puts strains on the body that we don’t even realise.

This massage focuses on these problem areas by using intense pressure. This helps the body to release built-up tension, which soothes and relaxes all the strained muscles.

Male feet are probably the most forgotten body part of them all. But hey, they carry us around daily so it makes sense looking after then after all. Our 30min Hot Stone Foot Massage isn’t too much or too little. This massage, although short, seeks to restore balance and wellbeing to the feet. Since the time of ancient medicine, it was believed that our feet have specific pressure points that correspond to various parts of our body.

Therefore, through massage and reflexology we stimulate these pressure points. As a result, not only is tension and pain released from the feet, but balance is restored to other areas as well.

Our world-class Indian Head Massage is only 30min. During this massage we are able to really focus on specific areas on the head to help bring intense relief. This includes relaxing and soothing the tense eye muscles as well.

We spend more time on areas where emotional and mental stress tends to build up, and this helps improve wellbeing while also promoting clarity and better memory.

Other options

Treat yourself to top shelf hand and nail care by booking yourself our famous Matsimela Signature Manicure for him. The process starts with a hand soak before moving on to cuticle care, and then cutting and shaping the nails.

Buffing guarantees a sleek smooth finish before applying a see through polish of your choice. A standard manicure lasts for about a week, and can be removed by yourself in the comfort of your own home. The overall treatment lasts for 45min.

The hand treatment will combine perfectly with our Matsimela Signature Pedicure for him. The foot treatment is a bit longer than the first one but once you’re in our care, time disappears anyway. The same process is followed with the feet as with the hands so take care of those aching feet and book your session now.

Something for you and the wife

Natural living Spa has everything in order to properly take care of you and your loved one. Our special signature treatments are designed for couples looking for a little alone time and a world class relaxing spa experience. First up we suggest our 180min Couples Packages .

Invite your someone special and enjoy the unique experience of a couple’s massage. Be prepared to be completely pampered and experience indulgence with a variety of treatments. This session is designed to ensure that your stress melts away as you are treated to 180min of pure luxury.

The combination of body treatments will bring you back to a place of balance and tranquility. Slow down and allow your body to re-generate, while spending quality time with your partner. Combined with excellent service and peaceful surroundings, you are sure to leave feeling both refreshed and invigorated.