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Our top treatments

At Natural Living Spa we are fully focused on providing rejuvenating experiences to help you relax and enjoy your spa treatment.

Spa Massage Package (120min)

This treatment includes a back and neck, legs, and feet massage. Our massage Therapist gives you a calming Décolletage & Shoulders Head massage with an uplifting facial. You will be provided with reduced muscle pain, improved circulation, and reduced stress.

Heavenly Body Cocoon (120min)

A therapeutic salt and oil exfoliation cocoon with warm oil and nutritious butter treatment for exfoliating the full body. Includes a cocoon foot massage, a warm nourishing shower, and a full body massage. You benefit from improved digestion, increased lymphatic flow, and immune system health.

Winter Bride & Bridesmaid (120min)

This treatment includes a 50min TDJ purifying facial treatment that will leave you with soft and radiant skin. A 60min Classic Pedicure will leave your hands and feet feeling nourished and moisturised. We recommend booking this specialised package the week before your wedding day.

Mother-To-Be Wellness (180min)

Those who are mothers-to-be often experience times of joy and wonder at having a small human being growing inside of them. But during this time, your body goes through many changes. These changes can lead to various problems, such as back pain or simply leaving the mom-to-be feeling uncomfortable and unattractive.

This is where the wellness treatment comes into play, helping you to feel refreshed and beautiful again. This treatment includes a relaxing hydrobath, which is followed by a quick full-body massage. After receiving the massage, you receive a specialised Team Dr Joseph facial, followed by a pedicure and light lunch with ice-cold beverages.

Couples Packages per couple (120min)

This treatment includes a hydrobath, a 30min full body massage, a specialised Dr Joseph facial and a pedicure for you and your partner. The benefits of this treatment are that both of you will be left feeling the stress melt away, uplifted and rejuvenated.

Beautiful me (Full Day)

The full-day me package consists of a full-body exfoliation, nourishing cocoon treatment, foot massage, a soaking shower, a Dr Joseph facial, pedicure, and a manicure. You will benefit by having radiant skin, feeling relaxed, beautiful, stress-free, and relieved of aches and pains. Additionally, you will experience a healthy breakfast, lunch, snacks, and an unwinding time around the pool.

Our spa’s most popular treatments

If you have never been to a spa before, you’ll need to know about the treatments offered. Spoil yourself with our most popular treatments at Natural Living Spa.

Full Body Cocoon Treatment – Detoxifying & Muscle Ease (60min)

A full-body exfoliation and a wonderful foot massage followed by a hydrating warm shower. Our customers love these treatments because they feel like a whole new person and ultimately relaxed, detoxed, and free of muscle pains.

Hot Stone – Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage (45min)

This versatile technique consists of a 30min – 45min massage treatment that aims to release any tension in the back, neck, and shoulder areas. This treatment will help detox and relieve your stress and muscle pains, as well as help you relax.

Full Body Swedish Massage (60min)

A Swedish massage is a type of massage that involves using long gliding strokes to target the muscles and relax the body. It’s a popular massage that’s easy for masseurs to perform and perfect for those who enjoy a light yet effective massage therapy.

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