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Breakthrough Breakouts

Dealing with stress and anxiety while in the grip of raging hormones creates the perfect environment for breakouts. The best age to start coming for facials is around thirteen, even if no apparent skin problems are yet identified.

Getting an early start with a healthy skincare routine could prevent these problems or at the very least (but no less important) give teens the opportunity to learn how to best look after their skin.

School, sport, and friends all become so much simpler to deal with when your skin is looking and feeling healthy and radiant. And although the immediate effect of facials for teens is to address the problems to which their young skin is prone, they will soon see the future benefits as they grow older with healthy, balanced skin.

If you are a teenager dealing with problem skin, or a parent of teens looking to introduce a quality skincare routine to their lives, please contact us for a booking.

At Natural Living Spa & Wellness Centre we have a team of specialists who are available to help, with a range of quality recommended products specifically formulated to alleviate adolescent skin problems.