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Foot Reflexology Benefits

Most people go for foot reflexology when they feel the need for relaxation and stress relief. A good foot massage by one of our professionals will not only improve your physical well-being, but your mental and emotional well- being as well.

Even though reflexology is not a medical treatment, you may see some of the following benefits after you have had foot reflexology treatment:

Relief from stress, pain and anxiety

Increased energy

Cured colds and minor ailments

Improved blood and lymph circulation

Pressure relief on legs and feet for pregnant women

This Easter season, why not give this ancient foot massage a try? The Natural Living Spa and Wellness Centre, our day spa in Polokwane, has a variety of massage treatments and spa packages to choose from.

The foot reflexology massage is one of our most popular, and our team of massage professionals are waiting to pamper your feet today with a treatment guaranteed to bring healing and rejuvenation to your entire body.