At our beautiful spa and wellness clinic we have a wide variety of tailored treatments.

Each of our treatments are focussed on delivering the best experience possible and our staff members know our clients are the number one priority

  • Les Nouvelles Spa Award in Esthetiques
  • PMR Africa Silver Arrow Award
!QMS Medicosmetics TreatmentsPrice
Collagen Rejuvenation Treatment (90min)R 950
Urban Treatment (60min)R 890
Activator Treatment (60min)R 760
Medical Treatment (60min)R 590
Deep Cleansing Intense Treatment (60min)R 750
Teen Facial (60min)R 490
Neo Tissuedermie Treatment (90min)R 1050
SK Alpha Revital Treatment (90min)R 890
!QMS Medicosmetics Oxygen TreatmentsPrice
MED Oxygen Treatment (90min)R 950
Pure Oxygen Treatment (90min)R 950
Skin Cell Renewal Cellular Marine (90min)R 1300
!QMS Skin Cell Renewal ISE (90min)R 1500
Pigmentation Corrector (90min)R 1400
Lip Zone Concentrate (90min)R 1100
Deep Cleanse Treatment (60min)R 490
Bio Lacto Treatment (60min)R 780
Penta Salaic Treatment (60min)R 780
Rejuvenation Facial Treatment (60min)R 675
Booster Treatment (60min)R 650
TCA Treatment (60min)R 835
Dr Joseph FacialsPrice
Intense purifying facial Treatment (50min)R 680
Express “Power Lift Men” facial Treatment (50min)R 680
Cellular recreation treatment (80min)R 650
Advanced bio-lifting facial Treatment (120min)R 1000
Bio-Tech Anti Age Treatment (90min)R 800
Brightening Facial Treatment (90min)R 650
Calm Hydrating Treatment (60min)R 600
Clarifying Teen Treatment (30min)R 350
Deep Cleansing Treatment (60min)R 450
Amazon Deep cleansing Treatment (60min)R 380
Essel Signature Treatment (75min)R 460
DNA EPINEW Anti Ageing Treatment (75min)R 460
DNA Ultra Hydration Express Treatment (45min)R 400
ESSEL Hydrating Hot Stone Treatment (60min)R 450
Destress Cooling Treatment (45min)R 380
Chocolate Facial Treatment (75min)R 460
MESO TherapyPrice
Hydration Treatment (30min)R 560
Pigmentation Treatment (30min)R 560
Skin Tone Treatments (30min)R 560
Peel Treatment (30minR 560
Peel & Hydration Treatment (30min)R 1000
Peel & Pigmentation Treatment (60min)R 1000
Peel & Skin Tone Treatment (60min)R 1000
Peel & Filler Treatment (60min)R 1000
Peel & Acne Treatment (60min)R 1000
Peel & Hyaluronic Treatment (60min)R 1500
Hair Renewal Treatment (30min)R 560
Aloe Facial Treatment (30 min)R 250
Eye Reviver | Add-On (15min)R 150
Lip Zone Repair | Add-On (15min)R 200
Pigment Corrector | Add-On (15min)R 250
Breathing Oxygen | Add-On (15min)R 250
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