Spa Treatments

Life Changing Experiences.

At our beautiful spa and wellness clinic we have a wide variety of tailored treatments.

Each of our treatments are focussed on delivering the best experience possible and our staff members know our clients are the number one priority

  • Les Nouvelles Spa Award in Esthetiques
  • PMR Africa Silver Arrow Award
Collagen Rejuvenation Treatment (90min)R 950
Urban Treatment (60min)R 890
Activator Treatment (60min)R 760
Medical Treatment (60min)R 590
Deep Cleansing Intense Treatment (60min)R 750
Teen Facial (60min)R 490
Neo Tissuedermie Treatment (90min)R 1050
SK Alpha Revital Treatment (90min)R 890
Nimue (60min)Price
Deep CleanseR 490
Bio LactoR 780
Penta SalaicR 780
Rejuvenation FacialR 650
Booster TreatmentR 650
TCA TreatmentR 835
Dr Joseph FacialsPrice
Intense purifying facial (50min)R 680
Express “Power Lift Men” facial (50min)R 680
Cellular recreation treatment (80min)R 650
Advanced bio-lifting facial (120min)R 1000
Essential Harmony for Mind & BodyPrice
Headache/Sinus Relief Lymph Damage (30min)R 300
Uplifting Full Body Massage (60min)R 530
Relaxing Massage (60min)R 560
Stress Release Full Body Massage (60min)R 560
Back, Neck & Shoulder massage (30min)R 350
Relaxation for your SoulPrice
Back Neck & Shoulder Massage (30min)R 310
Back Neck & Shoulder Massage (45min)R 400
Hot Stone Massage (60min)R 560
Deep Tissue Massage (60min)R 610
Foot Massage (30min)R 310
Foot Massage (45min)R 400
Foot Reflexology (45min)R 430
Indian Head Massage (15min)R 210
Indian Head Massage (30min)R 310
Swedish Massage (60min)R 500
Pregnancy Massage (60min)R 560
Sport Massage (60min)R 660
Tandem Massage (60min)R 800
Hydrates | Reshapes | ShrinksPrice
Full Body Deluxe Exfoliation (30min)R 400
Lillian Terry Cellulite Body Wrap (60min)R 550
Serenity Body Wrap (60min)R 550
Chili Wrap (75min) 1x SessionR 310
Chili Wrap (75min) 12x SessionsR 3 700
Relaxation for your SoulPrice
Express Manicure (30min)R 200
Standard Manicure (60min)R 260
Deluxe Manicure (75min)R 320
Express Pedicure (30min)R 200
Standard Pedicure (60min)R 260
Deluxe Pedicure (75min)R 330
Gelish Toe Overlay (60min)R 260
Add On TreatmentsPrice
Reflex to pedicure (15min)R 200
Paraffin Dip (15min)R 110
Medi-Heel Treatment (20min)R 160
Revarnish (20min)R 130
Add-on Gelish (30min)R 160
Acrylic, Silk & GelishPrice
Full Set (60min)R 400
Sculptured Full Set (90min)R 410
Refill (60min)R 280
One Nail (15min)R 50
One Fix (15min)R 40
Buff and Paint (30min)R 140
Nail Art | Per Nail (5min)R 20
Silk/Acrylic Overlay (60min)R 310
Silk/Acrylic Soak Off (30min)R 130
Gelish Over Acrylic | Add-on (30min)R 160
Gelish Overlay (30min)R 260
Gelish Soak Off (30min)R 130
French Acrylic Overlay (60min)R 400
French Gelish Overlay (30min)R 260
Keeping it ClassyPrice
Bikini Wax (45min)R 130
Underarm Wax (20min)R 110
Brazilian Wax (45min)R 250
Hollywood Wax (45min)R 290
Half Leg Wax (30min)R 150
Full Leg Wax (40min)R 255
Lip Wax (10min)R 70
Chin Wax (10min)R 70
Brow Wax (10min)R 70
Tweezing of Brows (20min)R 55
Full Facial Wax (30min)R 230
Brow, Chin and Lip Wax (40min)R 200
Tint Lash or Brow (10min)R 80
Tint Lash and Brow (20min)R 130
Brow Tint and Shape (20min)R 130
Henna Brow Tint (20min)R 110
Henna Brow Tint and Shape (30min)R 160
Spray Tan (30min)R 310
Spray Tan with Exfoliation (45min)R 490
Individual Vogue Eye Lashes (120min)R 560
Vogue Lash Refill (90min)R 350
Vogue Brow Microblading (120min)R 180
2nd Session | Vogue Brow Microblading (90min)FREE
3rd Session & Onwards | Vogue Brow Microblading (90min)R 500
Permanent Make-up | Eye Liner (60min)R 700
Permanent Make-up | Touch-up (60min)R 500
Groomed to PerfectionPrice
Back Wax (40min)R 280
Stomach Wax (40min)R 250
Chest Wax (40min)R 210
Full Leg Wax (40min)R 250
Half Leg Wax (30min)R 150
Full Arm Wax (40min)R 250
Back, Chest and Stomach (60min)R 710
Manicure (30min)R 170
Pedicure with exfoliation (60min)R 260
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