At our beautiful spa and wellness clinic we have a wide variety of tailored treatments.

Each of our treatments are focused on delivering the best experience possible and our staff members know our clients are the number one priority

  • Les Nouvelles Spa Award in Esthetiques
  • PMR Africa Silver Arrow Award
QMS Medicosmetics Treatments Price
Collagen Recovery Treatment (90min) R 1098
Urban Repair Treatment (60min) R 950
Activator Treatment (60min) R 790
Medical Skin Sensitive Repair (60min) R 750
Deep Pore Cleanse Facial (60min) R 750
Teen Facial (60min) R 510
Neo Tissuedermie Treatment (60min) R 1100
SK Alpha Revital Treatment (60min) R 940
Educational facial (45min) R 450
QMS Medicosmetics Oxygen Treatments Price
MED Oxygen Treatment (90min) R 1100
Pure Oxygen Treatment (90min) R 1100
Skin Cell Renewal Cellular Marine (60min) R 1800
Skin Cell Renewal ISE (60min) R 1600
Pigmentation Corrector (60min) R 1800
QMS Medicosmetics Add-Ons Price
Eye Reviver | Add-On (15min) R 250
Lip Zone Repair | Add-On (15min) R 250
Pigment Corrector | Add-On (15min) R 250
Breathing Oxygen | Add-On (15min) R 250
Dr Joseph Facials Price
Intense purifying facial Treatment (50min) R 690
Express “Power Lift for Men” facial Treatment (50min) R 690
Cellular recreation treatment (80min) R 750
Advanced bio-lifting facial Treatment (110min) R 1000
Luxurious Ultrasound Lifting Programme (80min) R 1200 - R 4250
Express Ultrasound Firming Facial (50min) R 690
Essel Price
Amazon Deep cleansing Treatment (60min) R 450
Essel Signature Treatment (75min) R 490
DNA EPINEW Anti Ageing Treatment (75min) R 490
DNA Ultra Hydration Express Treatment (45min) R 490
ESSEL Hydrating Hot Stone Treatment (75min) R 490
Destress Cooling Treatment (45min) R 450
Chocolate Facial Treatment (75min) R 490
Dermaplaning (60min) R 1000
DermaPen Facial Treatment (60min) R 1000
MESO Therapy Price
Peel Treatment (30min) R 660
Peel & Hydration Treatment (30min) R 1000
Peel & Pigmentation Treatment (60min) R 1000
Peel & Skin Tone Treatment (60min) R 1000
Peel & Filler Treatment (60min) R 1000
Peel & Acne Treatment (60min) R 1000
Peel & Hyaluronic Treatment (60min) R 1000
Hair Renewal Treatment (60min) R 1000
Matsimela for kids up to the age of 16 Price
Aloe Facial Treatment (30 min) R 320
Baby Treatments Price
Baby massage (45min) R 450
Baby massage (30min) R 250
Only applicable to kids at the age of 4 till 10
Cuties Treatments Price
Cutie Manicure (20min) R 120
Cutie pedicure (20min) R 120
Cutie facial (20min) R 120
Cutie massage(20min) R 120
Cutie Manicure & Pedicure (40min) R 230
Cutie Pie Pamper Package (120min) R 3900 - R 6000
Cutie Pie DIY Package (60min) R 1400 - R 2700
Only applicable to kids at the age of 11 till 16
Teens Treatments Price
Teens Manicure (60min) R 250
Teens Pedicure (60min) R 250
Teens Massage (30min) R 250
Teens Pamper Package (120min) R 3900 - R 6000
Teens DIY Package (60min) R 1400 - R 2700

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