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Spa treatment products that nourish the skin


Spa treatment products that nourish the skin


What are Essel products

Essel is a well-known brand with multiple products in its range, known for its organic skin care products. Their products have been developed to repair, maintain, and restore the skin based on the latest creations of raw materials and cosmeceutical formulas.

Local and international beauty therapists and aesthetic practitioners recommend the Essel brand skin care treatments. Essel products rejuvenate and restore the skin of your face and also helps with the rest of your body.

At Natural Living Spa, we offer a wide range of Essel products, each with its list of benefits, and we use them as part of our treatments.

Benefits of organic products

The Essel brand is an organic skincare range, which saves your skin from the harmful effects of chemicals and is also more effective in improving the skin. Organic skin care products are rich in vitamins such as C and E including other natural ingredients. If you have one of the following problems, you will benefit from using the Essel products.

Uneven skin tone, Dry and dehydrated skin, Oily skin, Inflamed/Irritated skin, Sensitive skin, Acne, Ageing skin & wrinkles, Stretch marks, or Cellulite and Premature ageing.

We stock a wide range of Essel products at our spa. In addition, we also feature Essel signature spa treatments, which are designed to relieve stress, encourage relaxation as well as hydrate and uplift the appearance of your skin’s conditions, resulting in smoother, tighter, and radiant skin.

Your massage therapist will determine the best organic product for your skin type regarding Essel products and treatments. The specialists at Polokwane Spa are eager to show you the benefits of the Essel brand – book an appointment today or purchase your favourite Essel product.