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Signature Packages

A spa experience that indulges and rejuvenates the mind and body


Rejuvenates the mind and body


Rejuvenates the mind and body


What are Signature Treatments?

All signature packages include treatments with special techniques using the most natural and organic products, such as Essel and Matsimela. Signature treatments are one of a kind and unique to our spa, which tend to last longer than regular treatment.

If you're looking to unwind, melt away your stress, anxiety, and muscle aches, or celebrate - a signature treatment is an ideal choice. Signature treatments provide relaxation, stress relief, and improved skin and body health.

At Natural Living Spa, we offer a unique range of Signature packages, each with a list of benefits. We use organic products as part of the treatments for your skin and body’s wellness and relaxation plans.

Benefits of Signature Treatments

Organic oils and products used in signature spa treatments are one of their best features. Organic products provide natural vitamins and minerals that nourish and soothe the skin. Signature spa treatments aim to meet specific problem areas in the body, such as muscle pain. They are also known for reducing stress, improving circulation, and relaxing the mind and body.

For pure indulgence, you will benefit from the Signature spa packages if you have any of the following.

Stress, Anxiety, Low blood circulation, Muscle & joint pain, Sensitive Skin, Dry & dehydrated skin, or Inflamed & irritated skin

At Polokwane’s leading day spa, we offer Signature Packages that will provide a revitalising experience. Natural and organic products provide a soothing experience that reduces muscle aches, eases stress, and nourishes the skin.

With massages, facials, body treatments, and hand and foot care, we aim to help you achieve your spa treatment goals and desires. For a refreshing experience – you can book an appointment with us today.