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Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are exactly what they sound like – additions to your existing lashes that leave them looking longer and fuller.

They come in a variety of lengths, thicknesses, and you can even choose how much curl you’d like. Basically, you get to pick your ultimate lash look like you would a pair of shoes. The process involves attaching a lash to the bottom of every one of your lashes (not your lid), so application can take up to two hours.

But the result is more than worth it because you won’t have to bother with things like mascara for 4-6 weeks. What’s more, it’s so relaxing (and painless) that many people fall asleep during their makeover.

So if you’ve had enough of the tiresome effort it takes to keep your brows and lashes in check, it’s definitely time to book one of our treatments.Trust us, there’ll be no turning back once you realize how simple it is to get that look that makes people do a double take.

Best of all, it frees up your time getting ready as well as your budget for eye make-up.
Win-win? We definitely think so.