Natural Living Winter Spa Treatment - | Polokwane's most visited Spa

With winter around the corner, you might notice your skin getting drier by the month

It’s no surprise that winter can be rather harsh on your skin.

As the temperature decreases, your skin will produce 10% less oil, leaving it feeling drier and somewhat tighter. Harsh, cold winds remove the oils from your epidermis, making it more prone to irritation. The perfect solution to prevent or treat dry, irritated skin this winter is to book a spa day for yourself. Take some time this winter to rejuvenate and relax. Your skin would love you for it.

Natural living spa is considered Polokwane’s most refined spa lounge where you and a friend or a loved one can enjoy the fresh air whilst you have a light cuisine and drinks. Our available treatments range far and wide and cater to anyone in need of a relaxing spa day. You can also shop beauty and cosmetics online on our website, should you want some products to take care of your winter skin.

In this guide, we will be introducing you to the perfect winter treatments that are sure to nourish and pamper your skin. Receiving a treatment after a stressful time or treating yourself to a day full of luxury pampering has several benefits. Let’s briefly run through them before we explore the winter treatments.

Helps you to de-stress

Visiting a spa for a relaxing treatment will help you lower your stress. As most of us know, stress takes a physical toll on the body and your muscles. It goes to our necks, shoulders and other parts of the body. Having a therapist gently massage these parts will eliminate all the unwanted tension in the body. Additional benefits of a relaxing day to the spa includes a clear and relaxed mind. Once you’re done with your treatment, you’ll leave the spa relaxed and rejuvenated, ready to take on winter.

Slows down ageing

Believe it or not, many spa treatments actually help with anti-ageing. For instance, facial treatments can slow down or prevent the onset of unwanted wrinkles. It does so by stimulating the skin cells and hydrating your facial skin.

Provides a better night’s sleep

Having problems sleeping lately? Maybe it’s time for a spa day. Massages completely relax the body and the mind, leaving you with a renewed sense of self and a better sleeping pattern.

Relieves muscle aches

As we age, the body starts aching and paining, common for those under a considerable amount of stress. Sitting at a desk all day also contributes to these muscle aches. Full body massages are designed to target the whole body and to get rid of those tense muscles.