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Day Spa in Polokwane, what you can expect

Visiting the spa in Autumn provides more than just relaxation, there are many benefits that can help transform your body. Keep with the spirit of the season and make sure to book your spa treatment.

There are many ways you can help your body prepare for this time of the year. Massage therapy not only helps with tension but is a great way to boost your immune system. This is just what you need for the coming winter months. Feeling lethargic? Try an invigorating foot massage or hydrating facial to put things into perspective.

Let’s have a look at some of the transformational treatments you can expect from the Day Spa in Polokwane:

Spa Facials

Facials can help to revitalize and refresh tired and dry skin. The QMS Collagen Rejuvenation Facial Treatment does just that by helping to improve moisture in the skin. Book your treatment and you will amaze everyone with your healthy glowing skin.

Do you need to detoxify and boost the appearance of your skin? In order to repair and regenerate your skin, the QMS Urban Treatment is a perfect choice. Maybe you are struggling with an uneven skin tone?

You need a facial treatment that helps to achieve an even and smooth skin tone, such as the MESO Therapy Peel & Skin Tone Treatment. Whatever your need, you are sure to find the solution at Polokwane Spa.

Body Massage Treatments

There are many forms of massage treatments, but the more popular ones include the following. First, mostly everybody has tension and stiff muscles in the neck and shoulder area. The best course of treatment for this would be a tension relieving back, neck and shoulder massage.

Loosen those neck and shoulder muscles, unwind and find your balance. The next body massage treatment is the Full Body Swedish Massage. Most massage options utilize the techniques from Swedish Massage, so it is a great way to restore balance.

Don’t wait until muscle tension and pain gets you down, this is your solution. Finally, the most relaxing and stress-reducing massage out there, a full-body aromatherapy massage. Wonderful aromas and tension relieving massage, what more could you want?

Amazing Body Spa treatments

Want to try something unique and special, a treatment that is a pure indulgence? Choosing a spa body treatment is the ultimate in luxury and pampering, your body will thank you. How about trying a body wrap that helps you to lose centimetres, burn fat and improve circulation, leaving your skin feeling toned and firm. The chilli wrap is also a wonderful warm treatment to have on those cooler Autumn days.

Your back is often a neglected part of the body, difficult to get reach and the skin is often congested. Choose the Matsimela cleansing and relaxing back treatment, which includes a cleansing exfoliation, mask, and massage. Rejuvenate your skin and back at a cellular level.

During pregnancy, your body undergoes many changes. You might feel the need to put up those feet and just relax. Experience pure indulgence with the Full Body Cocoon Treatment, perfect for those Autumn days.

Experience a full-body exfoliation, body treatment, and relaxing foot massage. These treatments are just a few examples of what you can expect, so don’t miss out on your Natural Living Experience.

Specialized Packages that suits your needs

You may be looking for a specific treatment for somebody special. Are you a mom-to-be or are you getting married soon? Autumn may be time for a change and new beginnings, to celebrate these times you may want to treat yourself to a spa treatment. A special occasion requires a special spa day, specialized packages that cater to your every need.

Try the Mother-To-Be Wellness package, helping you feel refreshed and beautiful at this amazing time in your life. Relieve lower back pain and deal with stretch marks and reap the many benefits of this specialized package.

Do you and your loved one want to spend some quality time together? Choose one of the couple’s packages and enjoy a unique experience, with a variety of treatments. Allow your stress to melt away and enjoy the good company.

Look your best on one of the most important days of your life. The beautiful me package offers a combination of treatments that will help to relax and make you feel heavenly. Some packages may also include nail treatments or an acrylic manicure. I’m sure you’ll find the right combination for you.

Signature Spa Treatments

To offer something unique and special, each spa usually has its own signature treatment. Something that singles them out amongst the competition. You will experience a time of ultimate pampering at the Natural Living Spa; the combination of treatments will make sure you are transported and transformed.

The spa massage package is also a wonderful way to combine treatments for maximum benefits. You are guaranteed to come away feeling relaxed and refreshed, ready to face the days ahead.

Book this treatment and you are sure to have the softest and supplest skin. As you can see there are many ways you can enjoy your spa day package when you book your spot at the Natural Living Polokwane Spa.

The secret to an extraordinary skin and body is the way you look after it. The only way to do this is to go to the right place, a place that offers quality treatments and superb service no matter what time of the year it is.