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NLSWC’s ways of waxing

At Natural Living Spa & Wellness Centre we have a waxing solution for every need. From bikini to underarm, we’ve got you covered.

Bikini wax

This type of wax removes all hair outside your bikini line, including your inner thighs and top of your pubic bone. There’s no need to strip down when getting this wax, so you may keep your underwear on. A bikini wax takes about 45 minutes and the effects last 4-6 weeks.

Brazilian wax

One of our more popular options, a 45-minute session will leave you mostly hair-free for 4-6 weeks. The area covered includes the top and sides of your bikini line, all the way under, and the back as well.

Brow wax

A painless 10 minutes of your time will leave you with perfectly sculpted brows that stay perfect for 2-6 weeks depending on your rate of regrowth. You pick your desired shape, and we’ll wax the area around it for definition.

A wax with Natural Living Spa & Wellness will leave you looking smooth and shiny, but that’s not all. Using only the best products, a session with us will nourish and protect your skin as well. Please visit our website for more information about our complete range of waxing services that includes underarm, legs, and lips.