Rites Skin Solution - Natural Living Spa and Wellness Center

Rites skin solution for teens was created to be effective and practical to use. Their products are developed with the help of a doctor to create a safe and effective range to improve all skin types. Skin issues can result from several elements such as a diet, general hygiene and natural body changes which can’t necessarily be avoided. The Rites skincare range consists of a foaming face wash, exfoliating powder, SPF30 moisturiser, spot control gel, vita skin capsules and lip balm. All of the products are locally produced and dermatologically tested, but not on animals, as these products are cruelty-free.

The foam face wash cleanser is gentle and effective on the skin, perfect for teens struggling with oily or dry skin. The exfoliating powder is oil-free and designed to unclog pores, making the skin smoother than ever before. Another useful skincare product is the toner face wipes that come ready to use no matter when and where you are. The wipes can also be used as a cleanser to clean the face after physical activity.