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March 29, 2022
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1_The importance of good skincare
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March 29, 2022
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10 Reasons to Book a Signature Spa Treatment
June 2, 2022

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In less than a month, we celebrate the matriarchs, the moms, mothers and spouses who make life worth living

In May we celebrate Mother's from all walks of life

Since ancient times, symbols referring to motherhood have been used, and it carries a deep and fascinating significance. When it comes to being a mom, society often forgets what it takes to raise children. Not only do they have to raise tiny humans, but they also have a household to look after.

So we take one day out of the year to show them how much we value them and how much we need them. Moms are the glue to every household, and without them, we are lost.

Treating your mom, spouse or grandmother to a relaxing day at the spa is an excellent way to show someone you love them. Treating her to a spa day is so much more than getting her a spa treatment.

Ultimately you are giving her some "me time" where she can relax and rejuvenate in peace and on her own time. At Natural Living Spa, we take care of all the overworked, stressed out moms that need a break.

This mother's day is no exception. If you are still unsure what to get mom for mother's day, you might find a treatment in this blog post that she would undoubtedly love. Keep reading for some needed mother's day spa treatments inspiration.


Make your Mother's day


At Natural Living spa, we have a variety of tailored treatments, and each one is focused on delivering the best experience. And now, you can also bring along the kids for a kiddie's treatment while you receive your treatment. Below we will be running you through our available treatments that you can book for mother's day.

Massage treatments

Relaxation for the soul

When it comes to quick, relaxing treatments for the mom who has little time on her hands but wants a treatment done, we recommend the following treatments, which you can conveniently book online.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

This treatment is the shorter version of the full-body back, neck and shoulder massage, as it only takes 30-minutes to complete. Since tension and stress sit in the upper body (neck and shoulders), this treatment explicitly targets these areas and soothes muscle tension in the body.

It also dramatically improves circulation and aids in detoxifying the lymphatic system from toxins that make you feel sluggish. After this quick but relaxing treatment, mom will definitely feel refreshed and relaxed.

Hot Stone – Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

This quick 45-minute massage uses a blend of essential oils combined with massage techniques to relieve stress and muscle tension. This specific combination helps mom relax and distress all within minutes. Various methods are used to detox the body and improve blood circulation. Give mom a chance to unwind and book this treatment today.

Indian Head Massage

Another client favourite is this quick 30-minute Indian head massage, perfect for the mom on the go. This treatment targets specific areas on the head and neck that provides intense relief from migraines, headaches or tension, which causes insomnia.

Other added benefits of this treatment include detoxifying the body and promoting lymphatic drainage. This treatment relaxes acupressure points in the body by applying circular massage strokes. After mom receives this treatment, she will feel renewed.

Full body massages

Full body Swedish massage

Here we offer three full-body Swedish massage packages. The first one lasts 45 –minutes, the second is a full hour, and the third package is an hour and a half.

Swedish massages are some of the most popular spa therapies. With each treatment, our massage therapist uses their knowledge of anatomy and physiology to manipulate the body through touch to relieve muscle aches and pains.

It also improves blood circulation, flushed body toxins and rejuvenates the soul. If you want to spoil mom on mother's day, this treatment will have her smiling in no time.

Hot Stone Massage

Since it is almost winter, this 60-minute hot stone massage will work perfectly for mother's day. This soothing massage makes use of healing properties and eases pain almost instantly. The hot stones are placed on the spine, stomach, chest, face, palms, and feet.

If mom seems a little weighed down and stressed, this treatment will help her relax and restore her energy. Another benefit is that if mom is too busy to book out an entire hour, she can get the 45-minute treatment instead.

Himalayan Stone Full Body Massage

Another treatment our clients can't get enough of is the Himalayan stone full body massage. This treatment features a Himalayan stone massage that relaxes your body and assists in balancing your central nervous system. When booking this treatment for your mom, you can rest assured she will have a delightful spa experience.

Depending on how much time she has, you can either opt to book a 45-minute or one-hour treatment. Either way, she'll enjoy the treatment.

Himalayan Stone Full Body Massage

As you probably know, the sun can cause a lot of skin damage, so you must protect your skin with sunscreen. We recommend choosing a sunscreen with a broad spectrum of protection and an SPF of at least 30.

Full Body Tandem Massage

We offer a tandem massage because what's better than one pair of hands? Two, of course. This treatment features two massage therapists working on your body simultaneously. Their movements are coordinated to keep the same rhythm.

After receiving the treatment, you will leave the spa deeply relaxed with your energy restored. If your mom has a hard time unwinding, this is the massage for her.

Full body cocoon treatments

Mud/Clay treatment

This treatment offers pure indulgence and bliss to whoever receives it. The treatment starts off with a full-body exfoliation, followed by a cocoon body wrap. After the wrap, you get to enjoy a relaxing foot massage whilst you're still warmly wrapped.

You end the treatment with a nice warm shower to rinse off any excess mud/clay. Book this treatment for someone you love and spoil them to bits.

Nourishing treatment

This full-body cocoon nourishing treatment replenishes and soothes dry skin. As the weather drops, our bodies can take some punishment from the early effects of winter. Our Matsimela wrap re-balances the skin and makes it suppler than ever before. Book this hour-long treatment for mom and spoil her this mother's day.

Specialised packages

Mother-To-Be Wellness

This treatment is for the new mom to be or for the mom expecting another little miracle. We know that things can get uncomfortable during pregnancy, and the body goes through several changes.

The specialised mommy to be package helps mommies feel relaxed and pampered, and, at the same time, it helps them take care of problems like lower back pain and stretch marks. Included in this treatment is a hydro-bath followed by a 30-minute full-body massage.

And after your massage treatment, you can expect a specialised Team Dr Joseph facial, followed by a pedicure and a light lunch with ice-cold beverages.

Couples Packages

This treatment is perfect if you want to invite someone special along for the spa day. When you book this treatment, you and your partner or friend can expect to be pampered like never before. You will feel the stress melting away during the treatment as the combination of treatments does its job.

Plus, you get to spend some quality time with a loved one. Included in this package is a hydro-bath which is followed by a 30-minute full-body massage. After your massage, you receive a specialised Team Dr Joseph facial, follow by a pedicure and a light lunch with beverages.

Group bookings

We now offer group bookings where you and a group of friends can uniquely tailor your spa experience. Simply select your budget and what treatments you would like to include. We also offer the option of ordering food and snacks when you are done with all your treatments.

Any additional requests or comments can be left in the comment section. Our friendly staff will be in touch to confirm your booking time and date and the guest you bring along with you. Visit our group bookings page to book your spa experience for mother's day.

Other treatment options

Because we are a multi-skilled spa, we offer various spa packages and treatments. You can select any special treatment from the list below for mother's day. Simply click on the link, and you will be redirected to the relevant treatment page.

Celebrate mother's day and send mom to the spa for some much needed time off. Each of our spa treatments focuses on delivering the best experience possible, and we would love to pamper you. We are situated in the heart of Limpopo, surrounded by lush greenery, which makes our spa nice and tranquil.

Come visit us this mother's day for a spa experience like you've never experienced. You can book any treatment online or contact our receptionist to make a booking. We look forward to spoiling you this coming mother's day.


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