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1_featured iACmage_Get rid of winter blues with these treatments
Get rid of winter blues with these treatments
June 28, 2022
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August 17, 2022
1_featured iACmage_Get rid of winter blues with these treatments
Get rid of winter blues with these treatments
June 28, 2022
August_2022_featured image_11 reasons to invest in self-_1
11 reasons to invest in self-care
August 17, 2022

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Natural Living Spa Winter Treatment

When the seasons change, does your skin react differently

The colder winter months often leave your skin feeling drier and flaky

The good thing is, you can avoid it. Here’s how.

The dry and cold weather in the wintery months may cause dryness to the skin, leaving it to look crumbly and irritated. Your skin loses moisture when the temperature drops, or when the humidity in the air is low. Therefore, you may also find your hands, feet, and other uncovered areas, such as your face, are less radiant than usual.


Treat your skin this winter


The symptoms of dry skin

Symptoms may vary in the harshness and seem different depending on the areas of the affected skin. It’s also important to note that not all skin types react to the harsh winter weather the same. Following are a few of the most common symptoms of dry skin:

  • Itchiness
  • Flakiness
  • Redness
  • Skin cracks found on the heels of your feet
  • Irritated skin
  • Rough surface
  • Stinging or burning sensation

You can take certain actions to help keep your skin looking and feeling healthy and radiant during the dry and cold months. We suggest booking the following treatments offered by Natural Living Spa, which will help you get your skin back to normal.

Body treatments

Full body cocoon treatment – nourishing (60min)

When the winter starts taking its toll, there’s nothing as relaxing as being cocooned while being treated. This cocoon treatment replenishes and soothes your dry skin and by the end you will notice how supple it makes your skin feel. Enjoy a full-body exfoliation before the treatment, and a glorious foot massage while the wrap does its job. There is no better way to be spending 60 minutes of your time.

This treatment benefits the winter blues because the cold weather can leave your skin feeling dry and irritated.

Full body exfoliation (30min)

This full-body exfoliation treatment removes unwanted dead skin cells. This treatment consists of a vigorous scrub and massage, which will leave your whole body feeling soft and rejuvenated, not to mention, relaxed. Book a full body treatment today if you want to improve your circulation and enjoy a wonderful, healthy skin tone.

Serenity body wrap (60min)

Our serenity body wrap treatment provides rehydrated and restored skin by using a unique moisturising formulation suitable for all skin types. This treatment will also give your mind and body time to relax, and restore. Book yourself in if you want to feel relaxed and pampered for better-looking, softer and glorious skin.

Massage treatments:

Back, neck & shoulder massage (30min)

Generally speaking, stress tends to mostly settle in the upper part of our bodies. That’s why we recommend this massage treatment. It will soothe any muscular tension, help your body relax and improves blood circulation. This 30-minute treatment is enough to reduce stress and anxiety, also known as "winter blues." 

Aroma therapy – back, neck & shoulder massage (30min)

Stress is known to sit in the back, neck and shoulders which causes discomfort and could even be painful. This massage treatment tackles these problem areas by relaxing the strained muscles, causing a boost in circulation that leaves you feeling relaxed and warm, especially in the cold of winter. Book your treatment today.

Full body Swedish massage (60min)

The great thing about this massage is that it can be adapted to your preference. This massage treatment relieves muscle tension and improves blood circulation, which helps keep the body warm. Book with us today for a relaxing and rejuvenated sensation.

Facial treatments:

Are you experiencing that winter itch, flaky or scaly skin on your face? The low humidity, dry air, cold temperatures, and not forgetting those nasty winds draw out the skin's moisture, leaving it dehydrated and sensitive. Facial skin can overproduce natural oils when it becomes too dry.

Those oils then sit on the skin's surface, mix with grime and dirt, and cause those terrible and annoying blemishes. Additionally, your skin doesn't get as many nutrients during winter because the cold temperatures make the blood vessels contract to preserve heat, limiting the oxygen to reach the skin.

Therefore, a circulation boost is beneficial from treatments as it boosts blood circulation, which increases warmth and oxygen flow, leaving the skin feeling soft and radiant.

!QMS collagen recovery facial treatment (90min)

This facial treatment provides an effective boost in healing dry and irritable skin. By improving the moisture levels, your skin will look healthier, refreshed, and radiant.

!QMS sensitive skin repair facial (60min)

For sensitive or problematic skin, this treatment is best suited for you to help relieve the inflammation and clear any impurities. This facial will help improve smoothness and relieve the signs of dry wintery skin, leaving you with skin feeling healthier and softer.

!QMS SK alpha revital facial treatment (60min)

A result of having this facial treatment will help moisturise and stimulate dry and damaged skin by stimulating blood flow in the smallest blood vessels, also known as micro-circulation. You will be left with skin feeling healthier and gaining a more glowing skin complexion.

Hands & feet treatments:

It is important to take good care of your skin during chilly weather, particularly your hands and feet. While getting cosy in bed is a great way to escape the chilly weather, it is also important to keep your skin healthy. Unattended feet and hands will start to dry out and become itchy when they are not nourished or treated.

Within no time, you will feel as if your skin is flaky or scaly, and you might even experience cracks. Winter is when your hands and feet need extra care and nourishment. The following treatments will help keep them healthy:


Classic manicure (50min)

We start with a lovely hand soak before doing cuticle care and then move on to cutting and shaping the nails. A smooth finish is guaranteed by buffing before we apply a polish of your choice. Treat yourself to a top-shelf hand and nail care that provides hygiene and utmost relaxation. The colour can also be removed by yourself in the comfort of your home, or you can book a follow-up session, and we can change the colour for you.

Mani on the go (30min)

This short and basic treatment starts with a splendid soak and cuticle care that cleans your hands and nails while maintaining your hands' health. Then we shape and buff your nails for a beautiful smooth finish and enjoy a soothing hand massage before we finish off with a polish of your choice. If you don't prefer polish, you can also opt for a natural gloss buff and still leave with hands feeling nourished and healthy.

Deluxe manicure (75min)

During our Deluxe Manicure, we offer a hand/arm massage, an exfoliating scrub, and a paraffin mask to relax sore muscles and joints. You will be pampered with high-quality hygienic cuticle care, shaping and buffing the nails. Then a polish or a natural gloss buff is applied for a beautiful and healthy clean finish. This treatment is pampered as you've never experienced, leaving you to feel relaxed and spoilt.


Classic pedicure (60min)

A warm soak for your feet followed by a wonderful scrub is started with this treatment. The nails are then cut, shaped, and buffed to perfection before we begin with cuticle care. You can settle for a wonderfully relaxing foot and calf massage that leaves your skin to feel moisturised and nourishingly smooth. Your feet will look and feel better with this treatment.

Pedi on the go (30min)

A relaxing treatment for the feet and toes doesn't have to take up your entire day. In fact, it is more than enough time to pop in during a lunch break. Your toenails are cut, shaped, and buffed into shape before adding a polish of your choice or if you prefer a gloss buff as an alternative. A light foot massage and cuticle care to increase hygiene is included with this relaxing pedicure. Book with us today for beautiful feet in no time.

Deluxe pedicure (75min)

This treatment specifically focuses on the common issues on the feet, such as cracks or dry skin. We start with removing hardened skin for the treatments to be better absorbed, followed by a good relaxing foot soak and a nourishing scrub to rejuvenate the feet. Then the toenails are cut, shaped and buffed before a magnificent foot massage is indulged. You can choose between a French polish or a natural buff to finish with beautiful, hygienic, nourished feet.

Specialised treatments:

Heavenly body cocoon (120min)

This treatment includes body exfoliation using salt and oil, wrapped in a warm cocoon of oil. A nourishing butter, foot massage, shower with nourishing oils, and full body massage beverages. The heavenly body cocoon treatment will refresh you with moisturised skin and make you feel completely relaxed.

Spa massage package (120min)

This ultimate massage experience provides an all-inclusive package that offers the most relaxation. A back and neck massage with a feet and legs massage are all-inclusive in the entire treatment, followed by a relaxing head and shoulders massage with an uplifting facial. The treatment is beneficial to help reduce any muscle pain and stress you endure and improves circulation, amongst many other benefits.

Booking this treatment with us, you will be guaranteed to be left feeling relaxed and ultimately rejuvenated.

Unfortunately, dry skin is very common during the winter seasons. Moisture is important for the skin barrier to function well and look healthy and soft. Due to research, it is known that moisture decreases in the skin during winter because of the cold temperatures and dry air. By booking yourself a spa day at Natural Living Spa, we can help you avoid this from happening and have your skin feel nourished, moisturised and glowing throughout the winter season.

Skin care is important as it helps your skin stay in great condition. Your skin can look more rejuvenated and soft than before but with the proper care and maintenance. When you get older, the skin can become dull with many imperfections such as blemishes if it is not taken care of properly. This is why taking care of your skin is so important as to protect your skin from discomfort or damage. Natural Living Spa is the perfect place to be if you need some


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