Skin689 - Natural Living Spa and Wellness Center

Skin689 products are highly effective skincare products made in Switzerland and active-ingredient-based. The products specialise in the correction of unwanted spots on the skin. The formulation combines innovative, exclusive, tested, and proven active ingredients against cellulite and contour loss. The scientific team developed additional skin firming products to help individuals who struggle with common skincare problems. Each Skin689 product is specifically formulated to target problem areas and enhance your skin’s appearance.

For skin689 products to be effective, we work closely with Swiss beauty institutes, dermatology institutes and laboratories, and other cosmetics experts. Internal studies have revealed that skin elasticity improves 22% after twelve weeks of use. Another benefit is that their products reduce 44% of the fat-lobule surface after three months. The Skin689 range is super extensive, with products to combat most skincare issues. Our range online includes moisturising face masks, anti-cellulite cream, skin firmer, and a healthier upper arm.