MATSIMELA - Natural Living Spa and Wellness Center

MATSIMELA is a local South African brand that started from humble beginnings. Owned by Wayne and Olivia Nel, the brand was born out of their love for nature. The word Matsimela is an indigenous word meaning “roots” and originates from the language Sotho. This perfectly fits in with their vision of cosmetics. They are pushing the brand to return to its roots and enrich others with their African heritage. The company’s philosophy is to offer a unique and constantly evolving product line that incorporates the highest quality natural ingredients selected for their beneficial properties.

In the process of sourcing & obtaining our raw materials, we strive to support Southern African companies that produce our beautiful African Ubuntu oils & extracts. The entire production process and product ranges incorporate the use of raw materials and packaging that is kind to the planet. This aligns with our brand as we strive to use sustainable plant-derived ingredients and contribute to fair trade. Matsimela products are proudly paraben-free and do not contain any harsh preservatives, nor was it tested on any animals.