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Indian Head Massage

Origins of the Indian Head Massage

Have you ever felt so dragged by life that you wished for some kind of sorcery to relieve the pressure? Well, the thing you’ve been wishing for is an Indian Head Massage. Although it can easily be mistaken for sorcery, IHM is an entirely natural method of relaxation that works powerful magic on easily pressured areas. As the name suggests, this ancient therapy originated in India and has been used for over 5000 years. Building on the belief that the body and mind are intrinsically connected, the Indian Head Massage gained popularity the world over for its benefits to holistic wellness. As such, this traditional practice focuses on the head, neck, and shoulders. By using circular movements, strokes, and stretches, acupressure points are activated to provide instant relief and relaxation. What’s more, no equipment or oils are required for this treatment, which makes it highly portable and accessible to everyone.


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Under Pressure

A typical Indian Head Massage can last anywhere between 10 and 20 minutes, with spa treatments offering longer sessions of 25-45 minutes. The massage usually begins at the shoulders because they commonly hold a lot of tension. Focus gradually moves up to the neck, using flowing strokes and stretches to work on the stress in that area. Finally, attention is given to the scalp and certain acupressure points on the head. This is then followed by light massage around the forehead and eyes. If you’re getting an IHM in a spa, you can expect some oils to be incorporated as well. Coconut and almond oil are popular choices because of their conditioning and growth stimulation effects on hair.

Benefits of the Indian Head Massage

• Besides being absolutely divine and relaxing, an Indian Head Massage has many other health benefits as well. For instance, if you suffer from regular headaches and migraines, working out the tension in your neck and shoulders can help reduce and even eradicate the pain.

• Hair growth and overall health is another wonderful side effect of IHM. This is because the massage increases circulation in the head, which in turn improves flow of nourishment and oxygen to the hair follicles. This is what stimulates growth and leaves hair looking luscious and healthy.

• As mentioned above, the massage greatly increases the flow of oxygen to the brain. This effect serves to lift your mood, which makes IHM a great way to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. In fact, the effects are similar to those experienced through exercise – leaving you with improved energy and mental clarity.

• Because of increased blood flow to the neck area, lymphatic drainage is also improved. This means your body does a better job of moving out waste products. This is what makes IHM a superstar at promoting detoxification.

The Importance of this Massage

Suitable for adults and children alike, this unique massage works well to soothe tension and promote relaxation. But that’s not all – it also improves your overall sense of wellness. As a result, it makes for a powerful stress management program. With this in mind, you should consider getting an Indian Head Massage at least once a month. Our list of benefits above barely scraped the surface of what IHM can bring to your life. With regular treatments you will be sure to achieve better sleep, renewed energy, improved memory and concentration, and much-needed relief from everyday stress and anxiety. In terms of physical health, IHM is known to reduce symptoms of asthma, sinusitis, and even chronic joint pain. Therefore, your Indian Head Massage booking should be a no-brainer. This simple massage is steeped in ancient knowledge that bridges the gap between body and mind.
The result? A relaxing way to achieve balance and well-being.
So don’t hesitate. Contact Natural Living Spa & Wellness Centre to book your Indian Head Massage today.

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