!QMS Replenishing Protection 75ml
November 29, 2016
!QMS Collagen Intravital Plus 60 capsules
November 29, 2016
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!QMS Hydro Foam 150ml


Intensely hydrating this foam mask soaks into the skin within minutes. Silk proteins restore moisture balance making fine lines disappear, Hyaluronic acid leaves skin soft and silky while the anti-inflammatory Jojoba oil calms skin (even from sunburn). Pure relaxation for stressed skin.

Styled as an intensely hydrating foam which soaks into the skin within minutes. A micro foam face mask with high quality ingredients, it provides extra moisture and hydration to the skin. Valuable silkproteins restore the moisture balance in the cells and make fine lines disappear. Hyaluronic acid of high molecular density leaves the skin soft and silky smooth. High quality Jojoba oil is anti inflammatory (Ideal for the calming of skin from a sunburn). Shea butter protects signs of aging and leaves the skin supple and firm. Pure relaxation for stressed skin.