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Nimue Skin Technology
is a brand of skincare products we have integrated into some of our skincare treatments because the quality of the brand's products has always delivered superior results. As an official reseller of the Nimue skincare range, Natural Living Spa and Wellness Centre instills confidence in the excellence of the brand.

Heighten your spa experience with the Nimue product range


Heighten your spa experience with the Nimue product range


Why Nimue Skin Technology?

Nimue Skin Technology has developed various moisturisers, serums, lotions, and gels. Each individual product focuses on nourishing a particular skin type and works to revive and restore specific problems within the skin. The advanced formulations and ingredients used for this skincare brand ensure that its products deliver satisfying results time after time.

Polokwane's most visited spa offers a range of facial treatments dedicated specifically to the Nimue skincare range. Regular facial treatments are incredibly beneficial to your skin - whether you have oily, problematic skin, dry and sensitive skin, or a combination skin type.

Click here to discover the options available to you for one of our Nimue based facial treatments.

Polokwane Spa not only uses the Nimue Skincare Technology range during specific treatments, but it also makes all of the products available on their online store. This means the world class treatment and care you receive while you are at the Spa can continue in your daily skincare regime at home.

Environmentally Damaged Skin

Skin that has had long term exposure to environmental factors, especially the sun, will most likely suffer from premature ageing. Signs of this include fine lines and wrinkles, a scaly or blotchy complexion, and an increasingly dry skin.

It is Important to use the correct skin care products if you have this dry skin type. Nimue has specifically formulated the following products to compliment your skin, leaving it looking and feeling decades younger.



Nimue Enviro Protection

ZAR1020Starter Duo

Environmentally damaged skin

  • Enzyme complex

    The enzyme complex forms an important part in the Nimue Skin Health Programme as it gently detaches dead skin cells and promotes cell renewal.

  • Sun C SPF 40

    A multifunctional tinted sunscreen for facial use that provides a total protective system for the skin



Oily, problematic skin, or acne-prone skin is most common during ones teens. However, these problems can still flare up in your 20's, 30's, and even 40's.

Nimue's range of products for this skin type are specifically formulated to help clear your skin gently and effectively. The products below help not only to clear up problem areas, but also help your skin to find a healthy balance again.


Nimue Problem Duo

ZAR1150Starter Duo

Fighting Problem Skin

  • Active Gel
  • Active Lotion

    An intensive treatment with a high concentration of Alpha Hydroxy Acids and salicylic extract to optimise skin rejuvenation and skin health and improve the clarity and texture of a problematic skin.


The production of excess melanin can cause dark patches to appear on the skin, This is commonly caused by exposure to the sun, hormonal changes, acne, and heredity.

Nimue have a range of products dedicated to helping reduce and remove these dark patches. The following products will help with everything from age spots to sun spots, liver spots, and freckles.



Nimue Night & Day Fader

ZAR1 290Starter Duo

Hyperpigmented Skin

  • Night Fader 50ml
  • Day Fader 50ml

    A night and day preparation pigment regulating formulation that provides fading of the skin and free-radical protection.



You may find that your skin is generally very sensitive. It becomes irritated very easily and often burns, stings, or even becomes red with the use of harsh chemical products.

Nimue has developed a skincare range specifically for your skin type. It is important that your skin is taken care of with the appropriate products. Below are products from the Nimue range that will gently nourish your sensitive skin, delivering a fresh, healthy looking skin.


Conditioner & Moisturiser Light

ZAR974Starter Duo

Interactive Skin

  • A day or night preparation with functional properties to improve skin texture, hydrate the skin and balance oil production. Plus a calming and healing skin treatment to improve skin health and to restore and protect skin.


All products in the Nimue range are specifically formulated to rejuvenate and restore any imbalances in your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed.

Nimue products aid in anti-oxidation of your skin, as well as sun protection. Their sunscreens and advanced ingredients help to reduce and prevent the harmful effects of prolonged exposure to the sun.

Polokwane most visited Spa Natural Living Spa and Wellness Centre is an official retailer of Nimue skincare products. We make use of a comprehensive range of Nimue products in our various treatments available.

There is a product range suited to every skin type. Make a booking for one of our treatments to experience the assured quality of Nimue skincare products for yourself.



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