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MakeUp Eraser

The MakeUp Eraser cloth uses only water to remove all your make-up in one go

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Simple and Easy to Use

The MakeUp Eraser cloth is able to remove 100% of your make-up using only water. It is no longer necessary to use any other kind of make-up removal products; all you need to do is wet the cloth and wipe your face.

This reusable cloth can be reused for up to 1000 washes, so you no longer need to buy any disposable products to remove your make-up. It is particularly useful to remove waterproof mascaras and eyeliners, and HD make-up products.

This cloth is suitable for all skin types. Dry and sensitive skin, oily and problematic skin, and combination skin types will all benefit from the MakeUp Eraser cloth. The cloth is especially soft and plush to ensure easy use and eliminate discomfort.

When is it time to clean your cloth, just throw it in the wash; all stains will easily be removed. This is the latest product in stock at Natural Living Spa and Wellness Centre's online store. It uses only water and lasts up to 1000 washes!

Below is a collection of questions that have been frequently asked about the MakeUp Eraser.

Your Questions Answered

How does the MakeUp Eraser work?

MakeUp Eraser features a very special blend of polyester silk fibres that removes make-up using water alone. There are two sides to the cloth, a long exfoliation side and a short, fluffy side.

Using a combination of the two sides allows you to remove all your make-up using just water. When you are ready to use the cloth, make sure it is very wet; a dry or damp cloth is not as effective.

How will the MakeUp Eraser affect my skin type?

If you have a sensitive or problematic skin, it is likely that chemicals from the various products you may use are blocking your pores and causing breakouts.

You will no longer need to use any chemically based make-up remover on your face - water is the only thing needed for the MakeUp Eraser. Since you are just using water, it will not dry out your face either. If your skin is naturally dry, you can opt to use your preferred moisturiser after you've removed your make-up.

What will the MakeUp Eraser remove?

The MakeUp Eraser is particularly proficient at removing eye make-up. You won't have to tug on the last remaining stubborn pieces of mascara on your eyelashes, even removing waterproof mascara is effortless.

The MakeUp Eraser also removes bacteria from your face because, as you remove your make-up, you are also unblocking your pores and thus cleaning your face.

Do I still need to use a face wash?

This is more of a personal preference. There is no need for you to use your face wash anymore, however once you've removed your make-up, you can still choose to use wash your face with your preferred product.

Why does it cost so much?

When comparing how much you would spend on disposable make-up removal products with the cost of a single cloth, the cost of the MakeUp Eraser suddenly doesn't seem so steep.

Disposable make-up removal products literally equate to money being thrown away, but the MakeUp Eraser can be used for about 1000 washes!

How do you clean the MakeUp Eraser?

The MakeUp Eraser is machine washable.  As the cloth is quite large, you only really need to use a small section of it each day.  This means you may only need to wash it once a week.

The MakeUp Eraser should not retain any stains or smells, other than the detergent you wash it with. Washing this cloth in no way compromises its effectiveness. The fibres are of such a high quality that the cloth holds its shape and retains its ability to remove all make-up.



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