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Festive season spa treats for you
November 26, 2021
1_The importance of good skincare
Getting your skin ready for autumn
March 29, 2022
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Festive season spa treats for you
November 26, 2021
1_The importance of good skincare
Getting your skin ready for autumn
March 29, 2022

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There is no better feeling than having soft silky skin that is as healthy as it looks

Receiving regular facials to protect and care for your skin holds several benefits

If you are still unsure about receiving a facial treatment, keep reading. Facials are great because they restore and protect your skin. Not only are they super relaxing, but they help with stress reduction, cleanses your skin, prevents signs of ageing and properly treat acne or skin blemishes. Even if you don't have skin problems getting treatments done by a professional significantly restores the health of your skin.

Facials are probably the second most popular treatment for spa-goers. If you haven't received one yet, this guide will highlight some of the benefits of facials, how it works, and choosing a suitable treatment for you.


Rejuvinate your skin


What exactly is a facial spa treatment?

A facial treatment beautifies the skin by cleansing facial pores, exfoliating dead skin cells and hydrating the skin. Facial treatments are specifically designed to boost your skin and restore your skin's overall health. Almost all treatments include a deep cleaning cycle combined with exfoliation. The products and tools used depend on the type of facial you are receiving.

Benefits of spa treatments

It relieves distress

Several studies show that when the facial muscles are gently massaged activates your sympathetic nervous system. This reduces anxiety and uplifts your mood considerably. Few people know that your face has several pressure points to which the body responds. A beautician massages these points to improve overall health.

It cleanses your skin

A professional will thoroughly cleanse your facial skin with top of the range skincare serums. Which will cleanse your skin on a deeper level. Beauticians understand different skin types and have the experience to improve your facial skin problems.

Treats acne and skin blemishes

Another major benefit of receiving a professional treatment is that you will notice a visible difference in the health of your skin after your treatment. Because these beauticians work with several skin types. They know how to treat each individual accordingly to restore a natural balance in your skin.

It prevents signs of ageing

Naturally, as you age, your skin ages too. Taking care of yourself should be a priority. That's why proper skin care is a necessity. A facial treatment at a spa will boost cell regeneration and improve your collagen production. This will take care of age spots and wrinkles, giving you a youthful appearance.

Expert advice

Because beauticians study several aspects of skincare, they are very knowledgeable about skincare routines. When you receive a treatment from a professional, you are free to ask any questions that you might have. They will give you advice on what products to use, how to use them and when to use them.

Here's what you can expect from your first facial treatment

Skin consultation & facial cleanse

Before the treatment starts, the therapist will ask you if there is anything they should know about your skin. Perhaps you had certain issues with your skin in the past, which is a good thing to tell the therapist before the treatment starts. They will also inspect your face to get a close-up look of your skin to determine the current condition of your skin.

The therapist might ask you about your lifestyle or skincare routine before the facial cleanse starts. Once the inspection is done, the beautician will gently massage your skin with a cleanser which will be removed with a warm facial sponge or cotton pad.

Facial exfoliation

At this stage, the therapist will pat your skin dry. She will then apply a suitable exfoliation to remove any impurities and loosen your facial skin pores. During the treatment, your therapist will either use an exfoliation brush or use her hands to gently remove any remaining dead skin cells.

Facial steam

After your exfoliation, your face will be covered with a hot towel. The heat loosens your pores and flushes impurities via your sweat ducts.


During this phase of the treatment, the therapist will remove any blackheads or whiteheads from your skin. Once the impurities have been extracted, your face will be cleansed again. Impurities are removed by using an instrument that allows for easy removal of sebum which is the oily substance that your body produces.


Now the fun part starts. After receiving the extraction, the therapist will gently massage your face. Your blood flow improves by massaging the facial muscles, which serves as a self-lubricant for your skin. You can sit back and relax as the therapist massages your neck and scalp to finish off.

Applying a mask

The therapist will choose a facial mask based on your skin which will be applied to your face. You will then be left to relax in peace while the mask works its magic. Take this time to clear your mind and enjoy the pamper sessions.

Serum application

In the last step, your mask will be washed from your skin, followed by the therapist applying a specialised serum to combat the signs of ageing. Leaving you with a healthier and youthful appearance.

Facials available at Natural Living Spa

People decide to have facials for various reasons. For some, it's to eliminate blackheads; others use it as a means of preserving a youthful complexion. Some find it helpful in combating anti-ageing, while others find it relaxing and rejuvenating.

When looking through the list of facials offered at Polokwane's most visited spa - Natural Living Spa and Wellness Centre, it can be pretty overwhelming to try and decide which one is best suited for your skin. You shouldn't be too bothered about this, though. Our aestheticians can recommend the best choice for your individual skin type.

General Facials

One of our most popular facial treatments is the 30-minute Matsimela Aloe Facial. This feel-good facial is especially for teens and utilises the fantastic powers of the Aloe Vera plant. The ingredients of Aloe are used to balance your skin's moisture levels and are suitable for all skin types. Perfect for a quick spa treatment which will also relieve some much-needed stress.

Anti-ageing facial treatments

The 75-minute DNA EPINEW anti-ageing treatment completely rejuvenates your skin and relaxes unwanted lines, including wrinkles. This anti-ageing facial transforms your skin to make it smooth and firm. It also reduces the depth of your wrinkles and leaves your skin moisturised and refreshed.

Deep cleaning facials
ESSEL amazon deep cleansing facial

This 60-minute treatment is best for decongesting your pores, reducing oil on the skin and removing any skin impurities. We use a natural product that contains mineral salts that detoxify your skin's surface. Leaving you with a clean and clear complexion. After your treatment, you will feel rejuvenated and well relaxed.

!QMS Deep Cleansing Intense Facial Treatment

Another deep cleaning facial that we offer is amazing !QMS deep cleaning facial. This treatment focuses on removing skin impurities, helps detoxify your skin and restores the natural balance in your skin. Excessive oil is also extracted to leave your skin fully nourished and visibly invigorated.

Signature facial treatments
Essel Signature Treatment

This 75-minute signature Essel treatment relieves skin by hydrating it and gives it a fantastic boost. This results in smoother and tighter skin that radiates beauty. Book your treatment and enjoy a relaxing day at our spa.

Chocolate Facial Treatment

This feel-good facial contains excellent antioxidants, which your skin desperately needs. Chocolate is known to have anti-ageing properties and can even increase your body's collagen production. Melt away your worries and give your skin a healthy glow. Book your treatment today.

!QMS Collagen Rejuvenation Facial Treatment

If your skin needs a collagen boost, this 90-minute rejuvenation treatment from !QMS is just what you need. It contains plenty of anti-ageing properties to revitalise and refresh your skin. This treatment increases and restores the moisture levels in your skin, leaving you glowing once it is done.

To age gracefully, you need to adopt a skincare routine and apply products that compliment your skin complexion. At Natural Living Spa, we offer a wide range of beauty treatments, nail treatments and cosmetic products. Our spa captures the beauty of Limpopo's lush gardens and greenery, where you get to relax and rejuvenate in peace and quiet.

We invite you to visit us for a luxurious spa experience in Polokwane's CBD that's tailored to perfection for your wellbeing. Featuring state of the art deluxe treatment rooms where you get to indulge yourself in a relaxing spa setting whilst receiving world-class treatments. Choose from various massage treatments, skin care products, and beauty spa treatments at Limpopo's leading day spa. We also offer guests light cuisine and some drinks while they catch up with friends or family in the lounge. You'll be tempted to linger for hours! Book your spa day now.


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